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Anja vom Waldbach, SchH 3, AD, BH, LBST
May 31, 2000 August 16, 2006

2002, 2003, 2005 & 2006 Universal Siegerin
2004 & 2005 National Siegerin
2005 National SchH Champion
2002 NE Regional Siegerin
Handler, Owner, Trained, and Bred by Chuck Wilsons
“I have judged this beautiful female several times. I remember a female
very high in type and really near the standard, with a lot of temperament and a beautiful roaming gate…I wish I had one like this.”

Erich Konigsberger
Conformation & Working Judge
(FCI/ Austria)
  “……Anja really showed that she was truly an outstanding specimen of the Rottweiler breed, beauty and the beast rolled into one animal, not all that common.”

Jim Elder
USA Working Judge
Head Judge 2005 USRC SchH Nationals
“Out of all the dogs at the [2005] USRC Nationals the thing I remember most is she is the dog that stopped me the most on the escape bite, including all the males…she is very social. You can do protection with her and then take her out in the crowd around people.”

Randall Hoadley
USA SC Regional Director
Front Half Helper, 2005 USRC SchH Nationals
  “Anja is very driveful with lots of prey drive. What I especially like is her temperament, she is very clear in the head. Of course, I really like her grips since my heart is in the protection work. Females with this type of temperament and power must be bred for the future of the breed”

Milan Skoric
Team Captain, Germany IFR Team
Competitor & Trainer
  “Anja has excellent working and temperament abilities on one side as well as an excellent conformation standard on the other side…Anja represents in a very impressive way the true Rottweiler – work + conformation.”

Anton Spindler
Koermeister & Working Judge

God saw you getting tired
When a cure was not to be
So He closed His arms around you
And whispered, “Come to Me.”
You didn’t deserve what you went
through and so He gave you rest,
God’s garden must be beautiful
He only takes the best.
And when we saw you sleeping
So peaceful and free from pain,
We could not wish you back
To suffer that again.

- Author unknown
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